I’ve always believed that personal and political transformation go together – that there will be no revolution ‘out there’ without radical changes in our own behavior, and vice-versa. How do religion and spirituality fit into this equation? Here are some recent pieces that may help to answer that question:

The road beyond McMindfulness

What can we learn from 22 articles on mindfulness and social change?

Can mindfulness help us in the midst of COVID-19 – and beyond?

If we connect our contemplative practices with social realities we can fashion a healthier present and a better future.

The virtues of a many-sided life

A rounded human being has got to be better than a square one for the tasks that lie ahead.

The mysticism of wide open eyes

How does spirituality connect to social change?

Will the left ever get religion?

Can there ever be a truly successful, secular revolution? 

Don’t punish yourself to make the world a better place

Why do Westerners go to extremes in following Eastern spiritual paths?

To remain in prison for the rest of my life is the greatest honor you could give me: the story of Sister Megan Rice

Where does moral courage come from – the energy and strength to challenge and transform much larger powers?

Welcome to Transformation

Can the world be reconstructed through the fusion of personal and social change?

 “Love 2.0:” a conversation with Barbara Fredrickson

Is there any scientific basis for believing that love can be a force for change in politics and economics?

Has Tim Ryan lost his mind?

The movement for “mindfulness meditation” is growing, but can it break the modern political gridlock?

A world made new through love and reason

Can international development be re-imagined?

And here are some good pieces written by other authors for Transformation that I think are useful:

Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton: two journeys to wholeness

Two lives show that a truly integrated existence lies within everyone’s reach.

Where are the missing mystics of the revolution?

Mysticism can undermine the social and political order in fundamental ways.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: prophet of cosmic hope

Each act of love moves all of reality closer to unity and connection.

God is justice: the social spirituality of Dorothee Soelle

A unique blend of mysticism, activism and feminism.

 “Alle Shalle Be Wele:” Julian of Norwich and the process of transformation

What might a medieval recluse say to postmodern activists?

The transformative visions of William Blake

The ‘poetic genius’ inside of everyone creates a springboard for self-inquiry and social struggle. 

Does Dietrich Bonhoeffer have any relevance for today?

In these days of solitude and waiting, we have to remain connected to the sources of our strength.

Transforming the powers: the continuing relevance of Walter Wink

Any attempt to transform a social system without addressing both its spirituality and its outer forms is doomed to failure.

The true miracle of Óscar Romero

The memory of martyrs is exalted, but to what purpose?

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