In these times of political conflict and deep-rooted polarization it may seem fanciful to talk of politics as community-building, but unless we find new ways of building consensus we won’t be able to tackle the biggest issues we face. What would such a politics look like? Here are some recent articles that explore that question:

What does it mean to clean up politics?

If all we do is fight, we won’t be able to forge coalitions that are broad, deep and strong enough to confront our biggest problems.

The beauty of a both/and mind

How can we find our way out of the impasse that stymies action on the really big issues of the day?

Where are all the leaders?

The 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination is a good time to reflect on leadership and moral courage.

When will there be harmony?

‘White trash,’ ‘dumbass libtard,’ ‘right-wing fuckhead:’ have we all gone mad?

Who wants to live in a frictionless world?

Unless life is uncomfortable, there’s no room for transformation.

How can we make our politics reflect what’s best in us and not what’s worst?

Both inner and outer change are essential for political transformation.

The political emotions of Martha Nussbaum

Why does love matter for democracy? A conversation with one of the world’s leading philosophers. 

Who’s afraid of partisan politics?

Bi-partisan deal-making is often celebrated as progress, but is it any basis for transforming politics in America?

‘Know-How’, ‘Know-What’ and the politics of knowledge for social change

How ideas are created and disseminated represents a key issue for the social change community

Could more women transform politics?

It’s radical equality that matters to the transformation of politics, not diversity as such.

Democracy in America: paths to renewal

Can the US be home to a new weave of politics and power that marries freedom with equality?

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