I spent a large portion of my career in international development charities like Oxfam and Save the Children, but their work and structure have been heavily criticized. Do they have a future?

Is there a role for NGOs in the transformation of society?

In the last five years we’ve published 30 articles on NGOs and social change. What do they reveal?

Don’t shoot the messenger

The Charity Commission report on Save the Children vindicates the whistleblowers, but wider lessons must be learned.

Could NGOs flourish in a future without foreign aid?

Only when myths about NGOs and foreign aid are revealed as myths can there be a clear-eyed conversation about the best ways forward.

It’s time to take our charities to the cleaners

Recent scandals at Oxfam and Save the Children reveal a sector in need to deep transformation.

What’s to be done with Oxfam, part 2?

Is it gratuitous to link the scandals that engulfed Oxfam and SCF with the need to transform NGOs and foreign aid?

What’s to be done with Oxfam?

Too small to influence economics, too bureaucratic to be social movements, banned from politics and removed from the societies they’re trying to change, where do NGOs go next?

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